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Freddie Gonzaga

Co-executive Chef

An industrious, dedicated and well-versed chef, Freddie Gonzaga is widely recognized for appealing cuisine that has patrons’ taste buds jumping for more. Chef Freddie’s versatility in the kitchen is reflected in his motto: “A chef should be able to work with any ingredient provided, and that’s what separates a great chef from the rest.” And great he is, consistently creating exceptional next-level menus featuring exquisite selections with remarkable presentations. Chef Freddie’s career in the restaurant industry began when he was only 17 working as a barback at The Tasting Room. There, Chef Johnathan Jones recognized Freddie’s potential, invited Freddie to learn alongside him as a protégé, and emphasized the importance of being accurate, precise and professional. Freddie’s passion for the culinary world and desire to one day lead his own kitchen led him to enroll at The Art Institute of Houston. He joined the team at iconic Brennan’s of Houston, working under acclaimed Chef Randy Evans who pushed Freddie outside his comfort zone to improve his skills and versatility. An opportunity to again work with Chef Jones presented itself, and Freddie became Sous Chef at America’s in The Woodlands, and he later became Sous Chef under Chef Charles Clark at Ibiza in Houston’s vibrant Midtown. Chef Freddie accepted the golden opportunity in 2017 to start a new chapter in life as Executive Chef at a’Bouzy.